The Starkest of Contrasts

We’ve all heard John McCain’s horrible experience in Vietnam.  I’ve never before heard him tell it.

What strikes me is the enormous contrast between him and Barack Obama. 

John McCain has lived a noble, heroic, remarkable life.  Barack Obama’s read about such things.

John McCain left it all on the battle field, then in a POW camp, then in hospitals where he gave his all for his country.  Barack Obama took everything he could get his hands on:  money from a convicted slum-lord felon, street cred from bigotted America-hating minister, political favor from a convicted anti-American terrorist. 

John McCain thanks God for his meager skills as an orator.  Barack Obama regrets he isn’t even better than he is.

John McCain is a man.  Barack Obama is a boy.


One thought on “The Starkest of Contrasts”

  1. Is it noble to divorce your wife because she was in a car crash?
    Is it heroic to try and bend the rules to get some local supporters to get more cash?
    Is it remarkable to support a president,, and then claim he has destroyed your party?

    Ayers wasn’t convicted, Rev Wright was a Marine, and Rezko wasn’t convicted when he had dealings with Obama… I know, i know, pesky details, but they are sort of important distinctions.

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