African-American Writers Sounding Resigned to Obama’s Defeat

The African-American press has decided to help Obama by threatening all-out race war in America if McCain wins.  In other words, vote for Obama or die.

Last week, Fatimah Ali, a radical black writer, wrote in the Philadelphia News that if McCain wins, there will be a full-scale race war.  

If McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness – and hopelessness!

In Sunday’s Washington Post, Randall Kennedy, also African-American, hinted at racial violence if Obama loses.

I anticipate that most black Americans will believe that an Obama defeat will have stemmed in substantial part from a prejudice that robbed 40 million Americans of the chance to become president on the day they were born black . . . This conclusion will be accompanied by bitter disappointment, and in some quarters, stark rage.

So much for appealing to people’s greatest hopes. 

I feel for Mr. Kennedy.  His closing paragraphs are both touching and sad.  He seems resigned to the fact that Obama will lose and that, in losing, will prove to many a symbol of failure for blacks in America. 

I feel sorry for him and for other blacks who will be devastated by Obama’s loss: not because they "deserve" a black President–no one deserves an identification President.  But because the first African-American to win his party’s nomination was unquestionably the wrong guy.  Obama is weak and flawed.  He was rushed into the position, and he wasn’t ready. 

I wish I could say that I understand how Kennedy feels.  I can’t, of course.  I’m white and Irish and Catholic. But there will be a black President, and he or she will be the right one.  Providence has a way of visiting upon America the leader we need at just the right moment.  The 90s were perfect for Clinton–nothing to do but steer the ship.  The 80s perfect for Reagan–a Cold War needed to end and our self-esteem needed a boost.  Carter allowed Reagan to win.  Bush 43 had the cold anger to push Islamofascist terrorism to the brink of extinction.  Roosevelt reassured Americans and might have prevented all-out communism from taking hold in America. 

I hope there isn’t a race war on November 5.  But I won’t vote Democrat just because it’s threatened.  Nor would I vote Democrat out of guilt or to make Kennedy feel better about himself.  That’s like letting someone win a game of one-on-one.  No one deserves that kind of insult. 



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Bill Hennessy is co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition, expert in persuasive design and marketing, and author of three books, including The Conservative Manifesto (1993) and Zen Conservatism (2009)

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