Historic Winter Storm

The massive storm brewing out west will plunge Los Angeles into the 30s, threatening all-time record lows for that city.  Seattle is looking at highs in the mid-20s for the week ahead.  That’s cold.  Amazingly, the Ottawa Weather Center predicted this blast last week (here and here).

Meanwhile, to the east and north or Southern California, blizzards will extend from New Mexico to Minneapolis.  The cold and snow is forecast to continue for the next 48-72 hours, striking St. Louis and Chicago Sunday evening through Tuesday. 

This weather comes from Siberia where daily highs have been -80 F for the past few days. Apparently, there’s not much CO2 in Russia.

Meanwhile, the AGW freaks insist that Congress take over the auto industry to save the planet.  I assume they want to save the planet from another ice age. 

Anthony Watts has discovered more fraud by the global warming nuts, this time involving Arctic sea ice. 

This morning I was shocked to discover that overnight, huge amounts of sea ice simply disappeared. Fortunately I had saved the images and a copy of the webpage last night. Here is the before and after in a blink comparator:

The criminals at NANSEN didn’t like the fact that Arctic sea ice was about to exceed the 1979-2000 average.  So they changed the numbers.  What a bunch of lying criminals.  Here’s the e-mail address of the criminal master mind: stein.sandven@nersc.no

Meanwhile,  take a look at yesterday’s satellite images of the North Pole and judge for yourself.  On the right is yesterday’s ice.  On the left is 12/12/1980, one of the coldest winters in the past 40 years. 


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