Obama Approval Down to +4; More Call Him “Extremely Liberal”

The latest Rasmussen poll has bad news for Obama, good news for those of us who’ve been warning America how dangerous he is.


imageThe number of people calling Obama “extremely liberal” has jumped 16 percentage points since the inauguration

Those expecting government spending to skyrocket is up to 72 percent from 54 percent on election day

Overall approval has fallen to +4 percent from +30 percent just after the inauguration


These falling numbers could get worse as more people realize the fact that Obama and Geithner contrived the AIG bonus scandal in order to divert popular anger from his socialist agenda to private enterprise.

Let’s strike while the iron’s hot.  Make sure everyone knows how you feel about this administration and its dangerous push for socialism.

Just today, the nonpartisan CBO declared Obama’s budget plans “unsustainable.” Obama’s budgets call for nearly $1 trillion increase in annual deficits atop those already in place.  Yet House Speaker Pelosi blames Georg Bush for Obama’s outlandish and economically disastrous budget and spending proposals.

Send a message to Congress, to the president, and to your fellow Americans by attending a Tax Day Tea Party on April 15th. 


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