Houses Passes Nazi Mandatory Youth Re-Education and Service Bill

The House, which is unabashedly authoritarian, has passed the GIVE Act, requiring national-socialist indoctrination for your children. 

That’s right.  Obama is going to turn your kids into spies working against you and your elderly parents.  Why?  Because Marxists like Obama hate liberty.  Liberty is their enemy.  And you support liberty, then you’re the enemy, too.

Now, before you say I’m reaching, read the language

Think Obama’s goal isn’t a totalitarian, Marxist state?  You’re wrong. 

Want to keep your kids out of these anti-American indoctrination camps?  You better get off your ass and fight Obama and Congress.  You better fight them hard.  You better be prepared to do without.  Instead of watching that Marxist totalitarian liar on TV tonight, why don’t watch “The Patriot” by Mel Gibson, or read Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin?   Find out what you’re up against.

If you don’t, be familiar with “The Diary of Anne Frank.”  If you try to stand alone against Obama’s machine, your story will end like hers.

And, yes; I still want Obama to fail.


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