Boycott David Letterman’s Sponsors

If you don’t know why, then you’re reading the wrong blog.

The New Agenda is keeping tabs on sponsors of David Letterman’s show.  I have already told T-Mobile that I will cancel may $120 month service (paying the penalty) if they don’t stop advertising on The Late Show by July 15.

Top names on the boycott list:

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • T-Mobile
  • Ford
  • Nissan/Infiniti
  • Toyota/Lexus
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Citigroup (which should be out of business, anyway)
  • Chase (JPMC)
  • The Gap (plus Old Navy and Banana Republic)
  • Wyeth
  • Saturn
  • Mazda

Please check the list and avoid these companies until they leave Letterman or Letterman retires.


9 thoughts on “Boycott David Letterman’s Sponsors”

  1. Tell me Mr. Obama, how would you feel if the ugly remarks made about Sara and Todd Palin’s daughters by David Letterman were made about your daughters, what would the punishment be? Do the right thing and intervene here. It’s time to clean up Television shows and people who prosper from such actions. No parents want their children to have children out of wedlock, but it happens. Life goes on. You deal with it. You love them. But that does NOT mean you will allow others to publically abuse them. This is not a political issue, the Palin Family are average people to whom the rest of us average people can relate. Don’t let them be the whipping tree for America any longer.

  2. Good for this movement! I will gladly boycott JandJ, TMobile, Ford, Nissan, etc. This means that I’ll also sell my stock in Proctor and Gamble and The Gap….GLADLY! If we all stand together, we’ll make this arrogant beast realize how unnecessary it is to attack an innocent young woman. N Pope

  3. Now that I have a list of the sponsor’s of David Letterman’s show, I will gladly join the boycott against each of these companies. I am now in the process of writing letters to these companies to express my sincere displeasure in their choice of programming sponsorship. I encourage others to do the same. Let’s all band together and make it clear that we will make our opinions known. Together we can make a difference.

  4. Seems as though they just keep up the double standard of hitting on those that do not go along with their way of thinking and especially those they are afraid of and attempting to tear down. But this was way off the charts and compares to the comments of Don Imus who was fired for the same thing. Until they fire Letterman our family WILL boycott his sponsors. In his arrogance he seems to believe that he is above any honest apology which has been evidenced. Maybe someone should start ragging on his family in order to bring home a point.

  5. Only a comedian could have this much impact on a joke of a politician. I’m amazed that people support the brain-dead Palin. Is this the best of the Republican/Conservatives? If so, ouch.

  6. I believe David Letterman has created a toxic environment for his female employees and abused his powerful poosition. He should be fired now.

  7. I believe David Letterman has created a toxic environment for his female employees and abused his powerful poosition. He should be fired now. There are some male dinasaurs who still believe they are entitled to any woman when they have weath and power.

  8. I can’t buy a Mazda or Toyota? Why not just boycott Letterman’s show/products directly? Does this mean that all those companies approve of Letterman’s comments? I think these companies just want more business. (I certainly don’t agree with Letterman’s views.)

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