I Am Skeptical

You should be, too.

The tally of continuing claims, or benefits drawn by workers for more than one week, fell 148,000 to 6,687,000, the first weekly decline since the week ended Jan. 3 and largest since Nov. 24, 2001. (wsj.com)

That would be good news, but only if a) it’s true, and b) 148,000 more people found jobs than lost them last month.

Frankly, I think the government’s lying to us.

Obama had been claiming he would add 600,000 new jobs by the end of the summer.  Conveniently, these numbers come out one week later.  Hmmm.

I’ll wait to see if there’s an adjustment down the road.  Obama is a statist, like Stalin and Mussolini.  I simply don’t believe a word coming out of the White House.


2 thoughts on “I Am Skeptical”

  1. Mr Hennessey, A couple of comments. First, the military carries Proctor and Gamble and Johnson and Johnson brands in both the Commissary and the PX (their version of a grocery and a deptment store). I don’t blieve Lettermans explotation of young girls is in keeping with our military’s stated values. Much less know personalities have been fired for much lessor (although stil bad) remarks…Imus comes to mind and I never heard his show. So, you would expect much more from someone as professional as David Letterman….you know if you get paid more …there is an expectation of more professionalism.

    Second, on the employment statistics….keep in mind those that are no longer looking for jobs because they have been unemployed for so long and also…and maybe a reason for Obama’s support of this but Military Reservists don’t count in employment statistics they are removed from the numbers.

    Jack Hagopian

  2. Bill I love your writings. You should check out some of mine on Craigslist in the St lOuis political section. I am very popular there

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