Francis Howell Has a Sicko Teacher

Celeste is an eighteen-year-old student in the Francis Howell High School.

Celeste’s fellow students and, apparently, a teacher named Debra Blessman are bullying and abusing the girl.  Celeste’s sin? Conservatism.

Bob McCarty tells the story better than I can.  Dana Loesch has been all over this story.  There’s a facebook page dedicated to supporting Celeste, which everyone should like, even those of us who hate facebook.

I should point out that, to date, the school’s administrators are standing behind the abusive teach, Blessman, who calls Celeste a “tea bagger” and encourages the students to mock the girl.

Expect this story to have some legs unless Francis Howell’s school board gets its act together and fixes the problem. The problem, here, is with the teacher, not the student.

Bob McCarty is probably the best source for updates.


One thought on “Francis Howell Has a Sicko Teacher”

  1. You have your information a bit wrong……. Celeste attends Francis Howell High School in Saint Charles Missouri off of highway 94. Francis Howell is apart of Francis Howell School Distrct not Fort Zumwalt. Fort Zumwalt is an entire different district in Saint Peters Missouri not Saint Charles Missouri.

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