Why We Took a Stand Against the NAACP

Sometimes it is personal.


Beginning with a simple blog post in February 2009, the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition has attracted over 40,000 people to dozens of events and online crusades.  The vast majority of these folks represent America’s highest ideals in character and citizenship.  We are educated, polite, and patriotic.  We are stand-up people who fix our own problems and earn our own livings.  We are not perfect, of course, but we understand that no one else can live our lives for us.

When we announced those events and asked people to show up, I don’t think any of us considered the responsibility we were taking on.  But we were.  We were asking strangers to take a risk, to take a stand. That invitation carried an implied promise of reciprocity: if you stand with us, we’ll stand by you.

Then, on Monday, we heard the cruel lies and invectives hurled by Ben Jealous and other NAACP representatives. Their attacks were aimed at the women and men who answered our invitations.  People of good character and reputation were being labeled racists simply because they deigned to say, “enough” to the the government we, the people, created.

We could not let the NAACP’s baseless accusations stand. We did not want this confrontation, but we will not be silenced.

I emailed our resolution to the NAACP’s headquarters at midnight on Tuesday and went to bed.  I set the alarm for 5:00 and prayed. In the morning, I got out of bed and prayed again. I posted the resolution on stlouisteaparty.com.  I wrote my thoughts on this blog, and I headed to work, praying all the way.  See, you’re never really sure, in a situation like this, how it’s going to work out. You do what you think is right and prepare for whatever comes your way.

Since Tuesday, my prayers have been answered repeatedly.  Besides the support from big names like Sarah Palin and Andrew Breitbart, we’ve received dozens of emails:

My tea party admires yours, for your courage, and would like to adopt/ sponsor/support your resolution, by posting it on our website at www.ncteapartyrevolution.com as well as our facebook group.

From Texas:

THANK YOU for condemning the NAACP for their revolting and hypocritical insults of Tea Partiers everywhere.

I live in a small city in West Texas, where our Tea Party generally preaches to a like-minded choir. 🙂 But I know I speak for every conservative in West Texas when I say thank you again, for having the courage to speak frankly.


Congratulation on your resolution condemning the NAACP. We are standing by your side on this issue. May we use your resolution as a template for our own resolution here in MA?


As the chairperson of the Elbert County Tea Party I am going on record, and per the request by the St. Louis Tea Party for us to join with them, in condemning and exposing the totally illogical and dishonest nature of the NAACP’s actions.  In the end they discredit themselves and harm their mission much more that they do ours, but we must have the courage and the willingness to stand up and call dishonesty exactly what it is, DISHONEST!

And dozens of others around the country. Plus, Jesse Jackson stepped away from the NAACP accusations, Dave Weigel said the NAACP’s stunt backfired, and former NAACP chapter president defended the Tea Party.

When you do the right thing, good people will stand up for you.

How much more personal can you get?


8 thoughts on “Why We Took a Stand Against the NAACP”

  1. Bill, you have no ides as to how proud I am of you for being the first to take a stand against this outrageous statement from the NAACP. God bless you, young man!

    1. Thanks, Fran. And I’m sure your thanks extends to Jim Hoft, John Loudon, and the many folks who deserve the thanks far more than I do. So I’ll say “thank you” on their behalf.

  2. Thank you so much for having the courage to stand up for what is right. To often in this country we have seen many stand and make excuses for what is wrong. You are correct Mr. Hennessy, the vast majority of Americans know the difference between right and wrong, and I feel that the people of this great nation will see through the lies and rhetoric of those who oppose us. Why is it that when the far left speaks their mind it’s freedom of speech, but when any from the center right speaks, it hateful and racist. It’s time,now more than ever, for every American, whether they be Black, White, Asian, Hispanic,etc. to stand up and be heard. There are only 537 (435 – Congressman, 100 – Senators, VP, President) of them, our so called law makers, and millions of us. We will prevail, we will bring our country back where it belongs!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Well, thank you, Nathan. But I must point out that Jim Hoft, John Loudon, Dana Loesch, Adam Sharp, Stephanie Rubach, Andre Harber, Patch Adams, Michelle Moore, and whole host of other St. Louis Tea Party people did a lot more than I did on this issue. I just sent the email and posted the resolution. Thank you, though, for the kind words of support.

    Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Now, the NAACP is calling the patriotic Tea-Party protesters RACISTS. They are trying to silence anyone who opposes Obama’s policies by demonizing them.

    In Washington D.C. several black Democrat representatives claimed they were called the N-word while walking through the crowd prior to the healthcare vote. They purposely walked through the crowd hoping something would happen. When nothing happened, they made the false claim of being called the N-word. They are LIARS! Because they taped the whole walk. If they had anyone on the tape calling them the N-word it would be looped over and over again by the so-call Main-Stream Media. Instead, the lies are being perpetuated by the media.

    Ben Jealous of the NAACP stated Tea-Partiers were carrying signs with slogans to lynch President Obama and lynch Eric Holder. Another LIE. If there were such signs the Secret Service would have been involved.

    The Obama Administration’s Justice Department, led by Eric Holder refused to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation. J. Christian Adams, who resigned from the Justice Department, stated the Justice Department dropped the case for racial reasons. Adams claims the administration has failed to prosecute non-whites when it comes to voting intimidation cases. Barack Hussein Obama is a divisive and polarizing figure, who is tearing this country apart. So, who are the REAL RACISTS?

    The Tea-Party protesters are patriots exercising their First Amendment Rights and are opposed to Obama’s vision of transforming America. It is a good thing there are alternate sources of information out there to get the TRUTH.
    Greg Zotta
    Republican Candidate for MO Senate 22

  4. Why Racial Problems Exist in America
    Marc Lamont Hill was on the O’Reilly Factor, July 14, 2010, and the discussion was on the NAACP calling the Tea-Party Protesters racists. Yet, the NAACP does not denounce the racist rhetoric coming from Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, or Samir Shabazz nor does Hill.

    Hill claims he never heard anything racist from Jeremiah Wright and defends his First Amendment right to speak out. Try checking out videos of Wright on You-Tube.

    Ben Jealous, President of the NAACP said,Tea-Partiers were carrying signs with slogans to lynch President Obama and lynch Eric Holder and the NAACP is calling for the Tea-Partiers to expel the racists. Hill said, a strong case can be made that racism exists in the Tea-Party, and those types of signs endanger the life of the President. O’Reilly said there is no evidence of the signs. Hill responded, “Just because you haven’t seen it” (the signs), implying just because you haven’t seen the signs doesn’t mean they don’t exist.” What??

    Hill said the New Black Panther Party did not endorse the statement of Samir Shabazz calling for killing crackers and white babies. The action of what took place at that voting precinct was not even endorsed by the New Black Panther Party. When O’Reilly stated there are videos where Samir’s actions were endorsed, Hill claims he did not see that video.

    Then he brings up the incident in Washington D.C. where several black Democrat representatives claimed they were called the N-word while walking through the crowd prior to the healthcare vote.These representatives made the false claim of being called the N-word. They are LIARS! They taped the whole walk. If they had anyone on the tape calling them the N-word, the so-call Main-Stream Media would loop it repeatedly. Instead, the media and Hill are perpetuating the lies. Remember, Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

    Hill states, the NAACP is a black advocating organization, and if the point of the organization is to defend black people why should they be out there beating up on the New Black Panther Party. (Justifying voter intimidation and death threats). The NAACP is designed to protect people of color; it is for the advancement of colored people.

    For Hill’s information, the NAACP’s website states the following:
    The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.
    Vision Statement
    The vision of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights without discrimination based on race.

    Apparently, the NAACP has forgotten their Mission and Vision statement.

    Marc Lamont Hill has a PH.D.(Piled High and Deep), and teaches African-American Studies at Columbia University. When he refuses to acknowledge racism coming from the NAACP, Farrakhan, Wright, Shabazz or Samir, you have to ask, who are the REAL RACISTS? You wonder why race relations are not improving when people like Hill have this kind of mindset. The bigger question is, “What is he teaching our children?”
    Greg Zotta
    Republican Candidate for MO Senate 22

  5. Mr. Obaman & Mr. Salazar,

    It is time to end this ridiculous moratoruim, NOW!!!!! You did not stop mining after mining accidents and refineries after they had accidents. All you are doing is pouring gasoline on a house fire. IT DOES NOT HELP THE SITUATION! If this moratorium continues Louisiana will suffer deeply and so will the rest of the nation when people have to pay $6.00 a gallon at the gas pump. But of course the privileged in Washington do not have to worry, they get jetted around and driven around in private cars. Guess who pays for your gas. You are not GOD and you should not play with peoples lives. STOP THIS INSANITY NOW!!!!!!!!

  6. It is my theory that the NAACP of today lacks the proper focus or vision to completely advance African Americans to a level of equality in American based on their advocacy methodology. As a senior in high school, I was fortunate enough to lead a group of residents of Camden County Georgia in an effort to seek justice with the aid of the NAACP so I do respect and understand the importance of such a non-profit organization.

    The NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous solidified a very important part of my theory by applauding Governor Haley Barbour for granting the pardon to the Scott sisters without truly understanding the true implications of such a gesture. As of late, the NAACP seems to jump into high profile cases with the only intent of keeping the membership dues and donations flowing rather than creating advancements for all black people collectively. Mr. Jealous stated that the governor’s decision is a shining example of the way a governor should use the power of clemency. The battle is not over for these young women yet the NAACP seemed to have conceded victory so that they could move on to another high profile case.

    Releasing Ms. Jamie Scott would be a favor to the tax payers of Mississippi because of the cost of her treatment and not because the state saw an injustice in the punishments. I have seen cases like this as a Veteran Advocate in Washington D.C. The states lobby so that the Department of Veteran Affairs would pay for the medical services of jailed veterans to save the state money. Also, it is not legal to order someone to donate a body part in the first place.

    As an African American, I have been writing to the NAACP for years about ideas of starting a movement to end black on black crime; however, my emails and letters have always fallen on deaf ears. By only jumping in and out of high profile cases without completing the work, only stir up strife, which is unraveling the very core of American society. The NAACP of today is just like medical companies, refuse to come up with a cure for the disease so that they continue to sell medication and make money off of hospitalization and insurance premiums.

    Lastly, the NAACP was quick to step in to support Michael Vick when the ball first dropped in his criminal defense; however, failed to publically support him in his mission to educated African Americans on the wrongs of Dog Fighting. Michael Vick is doing more to Advance black people in his efforts in my opinion.

    “From a very Black and Proud American”!!

    By Antonio L Merrick

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