Is Glenn Beck Helping?

For (at least) the past two nights, Glenn Beck’s program has been spell-bindingly depressing and eye-gougingly infuriating. He’s chronicled the Obama administration’s anti-Constitutional transfer of power and wealth from private Americans to other countries.  He’s shown that the administration has no concern over the 2010 election because it has no intention of obeying the laws passed by Congress.


For example, the newly appointed Consumer Protection Czar, a hard-line communist, Elizabeth Warren, is funded directly from the U.S. Treasury. In other words, there’s nothing Congress can do to curtail her powers.  She is literally a dictator whom only Obama can manage. 

But does Beck’s presentation help or hurt?

Since most of us took Psych 101, the Fight or Flight response has been updated to Fight, Flight, or Freeze (sometimes “Fright”) response.  The “Freeze” in humans occurs when people face a superior danger and have no information on how to respond. While this state is most obvious in infants and children who are ill-equipped to either fight or flee, adults will freeze in response to terror if they have no signals or reference.

Beck offers no solutions.  At least, he hasn’t in the past two days.  Yes, he tells us to pray. But he’s unwittingly driving people toward catatonia.  And he’s doing this to the very people we most need engaged right now.

I love Glenn, but he needs to offer solutions.  Bring on guests who give people a path to survival.  Offer some hope that America will return to a Constitutional Republic sometime in our lifetimes.

I don’t have Glenn’s audience, but I will offer this:  get involved now.  Sheer numbers of Americans demanding a return to a Constitutional Republic will eventually put the fear of God into the Obama regime. 

The solution is to get involved in your local Tea Party or 9-12 Project.  Get involved now.  Be the resistance.  Be the republic.

In Missouri, you have only 14 days to register to vote in the most important election of our lives.


4 thoughts on “Is Glenn Beck Helping?”

  1. Tell Glenn this: Step back and look at the really really big picture. America was founded on Christian values yes but not on Christian laws. Like alowing the freedom of religion in this country. There is a huge mix of people in the US and you can beleive whatever you want or nothing at all. If you get into the fast lane in NYC or California you will find a really big population that is not religious. They are somewhat educated professionals that want a more scientific, logical or practical solution to the worlds problems. I used to totally love Glenn Becks shows until he fell flat on his face with Christianity being the ONLY solution. If you look at a world map of the major religions you will see that while Islam is not yet as big as Christianity, it is solidly growing stronger and Christianity is slowly getting weaker. Islam is and will continue to creep into US policies and it will eat us from the inside out. So the first step in saving this great country of the “free man” we must put religion back into the individuals private heart and leave it out of governmental policies. In other words, don’t fight Islam with religion but don’t allow it in because it is a religion. You cannot preach up enough Christians to create a Christian army in time to fight it off. It will never work. The Constitution must stand alone, strong and supported without religion. Don’t give up your faith but let liberty and freedom be your sword.

  2. Bill – For sometime now I have been questioning Glenn’s strategy. I certainly believe that his intentions are good, but I think that he is in search for his own atonement. In some respects I can sometimes describe him as “manic” one week all is well we are going to win the battle to take our country back and then the next week it is all doom and gloom. We do not have time to think about what happens if we are not successful, we have to be positive and believe in our message. We can do this!!

  3. Bill, you are not paying attention. You claim that Glenn offers no solutions and then you offer HIS solutions.

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