Sometimes a Morris is Just a Morris

Dana Loesch invited Dick Morris onto her radio show today. Dana expected to discuss START with Mr. Morris.  But Dick has a mind of his own.

Morris decided, about a minute and a half into a five-minute segment, that he wanted to talk about the 2012 US Senate race in Missouri instead. Specifically, he wanted spend the segment campaigning for Sarah Steelman for the the Republican nomination.

Decide for yourself:  here’s the link to Dana’s show.

I honestly don’t know much about Steelman. Frankly, I’m a little burned out on electoral politics after 2010.  But I do know it’s rude to hijack a talk show to endorse a candidate in a primary two years away. 

I also know that Dick Morris has  a history of abusing his celebrity status to campaign for candidates outside of federal election laws.  On September 12, Dick violated protocols by dragging Roy Blunt onto the stage of the “Gateway to November” Tea Party in St. Louis. Seems to be a pattern of abusing gracious hosts, don’t you think? 

The question is, does Dick do it for money?

What do you think? Please leave your comments below.


6 thoughts on “Sometimes a Morris is Just a Morris”

  1. If Morris violated protocol by having Roy Blunt up on stage, why was Blunt even allowed near the stage? Jenny Beth seemed like she had things under control, and I’m sure she (or yourself) would have noticed if someone was behind stage who wasn’t supposed to be there. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, though, in maybe she didn’t know who Blunt was.

  2. Don’t see the point in trashing Dick Morris – a friend to
    the Tea Party if ever there was one – for doing something that
    seemed to this on the spot witness of his bringing Blunt to the
    stage to be allowed with a “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” by the Tea
    Party leadership managing the stage – the point was specifically
    made that day that no politicians would be allowed to speak who
    were running for office – so Dick brought him out with his arm
    around him and said what he thought Blunt would have wanted to say
    – the feeling in the audience was that this was a clever
    circumvention of the rules to give support to a candidate who at
    least was not Robin Carnahan. I’ve not heard any problem with this
    till this blog today.

    1. I appreciate Dick Morris’s views, and I’m glad Roy Blunt beat Robin Carnahan. Blunt’s an improvement over Kit Bond, too.

      I wish, though, that Morris would show more respect for his hosts. If he doesn’t like the rules, he doesn’t need to show up. That’s how grown-ups do it.

      Finally, no one from the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition leadership gave a wink and nod to anyone at the 9-12 Tea Party. Nor were we in charge of the stage or the All Access passes.

  3. Dick’s always pimping something. I have no evidence that he does it for money, but he strikes me as a mercenary. He seems like a smart guy, but it’s difficult to take him seriously when he always appears to be chasing a string with a Benjamin at the end of it.

  4. Jeanine I was out in the crowd most of the day on 9/12. It
    was my wife’s birthday and there werent enough back stage passes
    for her and the kids. I tried to spend with them. Jenny beth was
    MC, not security. Someone gave blunt and his crew an all access
    pass even though he wasn’t on the list. It happens. We’re not a
    production compay, and we trust people. Sometimes, people abuse
    that trust.

  5. We do need to be very careful about letting others use us. Most of us have increased our ability to think for ourselves since we have found out how unreliable the media is. I also do not know about Sarah Steelman, but have heard Jim Talent on the radio and am impressed by the fact that he is still active in being concerned about our county even when he isn’t in office. Steve Tilley has also been mentioned as a possiblity.

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