Momentum is the mass and velocity of an object.

The object is the American ideology.

The impetus is the conservative grassroots.

The velocity is medium.

The direction is right.

The tactics and tools to keep the dominos falling to the right might change, but the energy and ideals don’t.  What brought you out to the tea parties, to the street parties, to the lit drops, and to the door knocking and phone banking parties must carry you forward in 2011 and 2012.

The dominos are falling to the right. 

Please consider a donation to the St. Louis Tea Party so we can broaden our base and build our movement in 2011.

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One thought on “Momentum”

  1. The reading of the Constitution was a wonderful gesture that could have really set the tone, but they all lost all credibility by reading it to an empty chamber. There was nothing any of them had to do that was more important than spending just an hour and a half respectfully being present, and paying attention to what they were reading. That goes for all of congress, but the Republicans really missed a tremendous opportunity to make a statement to the voters by not all being there for the reading while the Democrats were all absent. It reduced the entire reading to just an empty gesture.

    Also, the voting to cut congressional salaries and budgets by just 5% is a token, meaningless gesture. The country is in a lot more trouble than that. A really meaningful gesture would have been more like 20%. That would have told us they were all really serious. I’m also not happy that the Republicans are already making excuses for not putting together an immediate $100 billion in spending cuts like they said they would.

    I don’t think they’re taking all of this seriously!

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