Cowardly, Leftist Punks Go Silent

The tragedy in Tucson exposed America’s leading leftists for what they are.

Andrew Breitbart points out on Twitter that his cowardly leftist accusors, including Markos Moulitsas and Eric Boehlert, quieted down on their libelous attacks on Breitbart, Palin, Bush, and Tea Party. 

These leftist cowards shut up only after it became undeniably clear that the evil bastard who shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 11 others is not a tea partier, but a deranged socialist.  Whatever Jarod Lee Loughner’s politics are, they seem a lot closer to Moulitsas and Boelhert and Chris Matthews and Matt Yglesias than to Breitbart or me.

Am I saying that those leftist cowards are responsible for the horror in Tucson?  No.  I’m saying they are cowards who use murder and misery to advance their collectivist politics by libelously blaming those who stand for liberty. 

Breitbart has more about journalism’s disgraceful behavior on Big Journalism. Gateway Pundit on the shooter Jared Lee Loughner (not a tea partier). My previous posts on Hennessy’s View.  Continuing coverage on Big Government

Please feel free to post your feelings about these leftist cowardly bastards right here.


8 thoughts on “Cowardly, Leftist Punks Go Silent”

  1. My thought immediately was that the Left would accuse someone from the Tea Party as perpetrating this crime. The fact that they relish in others’ misery says all we really need to know about their ilk. To add to the insanity of this tragedy, now the conservatives have to defend their honor – once again – amidst all the mudslinging of the Left.

    1. Seriously? Oh, don’t tell me, you’re a lib with no brains! People like you really need to move to China. America is a free country with free patriotic people and we really are sick and tired of having roaches like yourself crawl out from under your rocks. Ever since Obama was elected along with the rest of his Socialist buddies, we have to listen to the crap that comes out of pie holes like yours. It’s like when the lights go out and the roaches start crawling. America is in a dark time and here come the roaches like you.

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