FLASHBACKS: Media Blame Tea Party for Leftist Crimes

The most often repeated story is not the reluctant hero or the hero who wants to get home.  Nor is it about a mother’s love.

The ultimate archetypical story line is: 


As Jarod Lee Loughner’s political bent emerges, we see the same, predictable story playing out:

  1. A horrific crime takes place.
  2. Leftist bloggers like Markos Moulitsas blame conservatives.
  3. CNN, New York Times, Washinton Post, etc., repeat the libelous allegations.
  4. Fact emerge proving Markos, CNN, etc., a bunch of cowardly liars.
  5. Liberals erase their libelous stories.

Here’s a few more examples of liberal media lies just from the past two years.

If you can think of more similar cases, please post them in the comments. 


8 thoughts on “FLASHBACKS: Media Blame Tea Party for Leftist Crimes”

  1. the crazy plane pilot who crashed his plane in texas was another anti-capitalist, communist manifesto-loving, guy that the left originally tried to paint as a “right wing nut job”. they do this every time.

    how did einstein define crazy? lol

  2. That militia last year was called right wing, but the media ignored the fact that the only party registration was in the group was Democrat.

    The media refers to Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist as right wing. He is a registered Democrat, has run for office I believe 5 times on the Dem ticket, and is an Al Gore supporter. He also provided Gore office space during his campaign for president.

  3. Remember when tea someone upset about obamacare tried to bomb times square? Oh yeah, it was a lone crazy. Never mind.

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