Did Orwell Write This Weekend?

Democrats—from Jane Fonda to Senator Bob Brady of Pennsylvania—are pushing to ban words, phrases, and images they don’t like, as P/Od Patriot points out

Yes, we are living in very dangerous times.  And the danger comes almost exclusively from the left.

The White House clearly was prepared for this.  They cared not who was the victim or the perp. They simply needed a crime to justify their assault on the first two amendments to the Constitution.

Brooks Bayne points out the filth of the left. Even Orwell’s pigs showed more decency and character than these modern liberals.


6 thoughts on “Did Orwell Write This Weekend?”

      1. Maybe he could fix the font color, too. I checked and it still doesn’t match the rest of the html text.

  1. I have invoked the “Cry Wolf Rule” with respect to the Leftist Commentariat.

    I will simply pay no attention to them at all.

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