Obama’s Contempt for the Rule of Law

When he identified the three branches of government as President, House, and Senate, obama-lgWas Chuck Schumer confused, or did he accurately state the Obama administration’s intent to subjugate the Judicial Branch of government?  It seems the White House no longer considers the Judicial Branch the equal of the Executive.

In two cases—the Gulf oil drilling ban and Obamacare—the White House refuses to obey ruling from federal judges.  In New Orleans, federal judge Martin Feldman found the White House in contempt for its re-imposition of oil drilling bans after his previous ruling to the contrary.  Meanwhile, the government has refused to obey a Florida judge’s declaratory relief ruling over Obamacare. 

It’s not unusual for dictators to simply ignore court orders they don’t like.  But it’s very unusual in the United States. It indicates to me that the era of Constitutional government is over as citizens can no longer rely on injunctive relief from tyranny. 

A decade ago, Barack Obama told Chicago Public Radio the believes the U.S. Constitution “is a fundamentally flawed document.”  In that interview, he expressed his further belief that radicals who attempted to undermine the Constitution through the courts were misguided. 

Today we’re learning Obama’s preferred method of ending Constitutional law: naked aggression.

Soon, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear and rule on the Constitutionality of Obamacare. Many observers believe the court will find the individual mandate unconstitutional.  Based on his previous contempt for the rule of law, we have no reason to believe Obama would obey the Supreme Court’s ruling.


2 thoughts on “Obama’s Contempt for the Rule of Law”

  1. So, what I want to know is if the “court” is the supreme law of the land and this scum bag ignores their rulings, what’s next?? If this administration is in contempt, why are they still in power? Next will be the ruling on Obamacare. If it is determined that it is unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, will they continue to implement the law anyway? At what point in time do they get removed from office?

  2. When he ignored the ruling on the drilling ban, I first thought of FDR’s anger when the SCOTUS overturned his signature NRA programs; FDR tried to pack the court in his favor… most people in both parties were outraged, but the court blinked and decided in his favor on other cases.

    I don’t think Obamao will try the same, but he doubtless has the same goals of forcing the courts to comply with his wishes – it’s starting to look like he intends a southern strategy – nullify the judiciary. Or, since he’s lost full control of the legislative branch, do an end run around them all through his regulatory agencies which already act with nearly the effective power of all three branches of govt (for the Schumer impaired, that’d be the legislative, judiciary and administrative) under his Czar’s (who of course serve under the uber-Czar: Obamao), or a bit of both.

    Interesting times. Dangerous, but interesting.

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