Pujols or Politics?

I’m torn.

Yesterday, I took part in a demonstration outside Senator Claire McCaskill’s St. Louis office on Delmar.  The future of the republic is important.  We are concerned that Senator McCaskill put her re-election before Missouri jobs by lobbying the DNC to hold its 2012 convention in Charlotte, NC, instead of St. Louis, MO.

Down the road, a group of Cardinals fans held a demonstration outside Busch Stadium.  The future of future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols is important, too.  It appears the Cardinals owners have little interest in resigning Albert.

Both events drew about 25 participants.

If St. Louis is America’s baseball city, and the possible exodus of the greatest ballplayer of our generation draws equally with a tea party event, then is St. Louis also America’s tea party city?

Oh, and the torn part.  The next general election is in November 2012.  Pujols becomes a free agent, effectively, in nine days.  Maybe I should I have been at the stadium yesterday, instead?


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