Libya: To What End?

When the US invaded Iraq in 2003, it do so with the clear intent of bringing its enemy—Saddam’s regime—to an unconditional surrender. That was the objective.  Despite what happened after that objective was achieved, we went in with a clear and measurable purpose.

The motivating reason for our foray into Iraq was also clear.  We believed at the time that Saddam Hussein’s possession of — and desire for more — weapons of mass destruction posed an imminent threat to US interests and citizens. We also believed that attempts to reach a peaceful resolution were exhausted and that failure to act immediately would make future actions more lethal.

I have no qualms with any of those actions, although I did end up criticizing the Bush administration’s handling of the longer occupation.

With troops in harm’s way, I will go no further, now, than to say that I believe the action in Libya sets two bad precedents:

1.  The United Nations is operating inside a country, against a UN-recognized sovereign, to change a government’s domestic policy.

2.  The President took military action against another country without consulting Congress and with no pretense of justification under the War Powers Act.  Even Obama’s supporter Andrew Sullivan admits as much.

On St. Louis Tea Party Coalition, I posed five questions for the President regarding the Libyan offensive.  As the father of an F-18 fighter technician, I hope the President will answer those questions, not to me, but to the nation and to the world.


3 thoughts on “Libya: To What End?”

  1. The thing about Libyia was that Kadafi was helping the U.S. against Al Qaeda, so what business do we have interfering in how he runs his country? The people of Libyia did not openly ask for our assistance to my knowledge. There will always be countries that will not operate in the democratic ideal, but why are we placing ourselves as “guardians of democracy” when we don’t practice what we preach? Were we asked whether we wanted obamacare? No. When obummer passed all his “back-alley” policies did he care whether the American people approved? No. Obummer is a half-wit who takes advice from people dumber than himself.

  2. March 12, 2011The Arab League call for a NFZ. It’s very significant and provides important regional support to the option of creating a NFZ. March 20, 2011 the Arab League condemns the bombing of Libya. Barack Hussein Obama should have told the Arab League to enforce the NFZ and the US would support them. Instead, he was busy on Spring Break vacation.

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