Who’s Fit?

Take a look at Drudge.

I’ll wait. The day doesn’t really matter.  It’s always full of stuff that makes you think rivets are flying out of the planet like a jalopy in a cartoon.

  • Two girls beat another girl into convulsions over the course of eight minutes while cowardly young men quiver in fear.  (But an old lady steps in and protects the victim.)
  • Syrian security opens fire on demonstrators killing 90.  (But it’s Good Friday.)
  • U.S. Dollar collapses as fear of government debt makes everything American worth less. (But Greece and other European countries even worse.)
  • Japan warns that earthquake aftermath could cause them a double dip.
  • U.S. spending could hit debt ceiling in a week.

These are everyday headlines from an abnormal time. Times as odd as a football bat.

Abnormal Times Breed Abnormal Leaders

The next president or two cannot be ordinary.  As much as we like the underdog and plain, common sense, everyman, there are times when Providence and history conspire to demand a GIANT of a person.

The Depression and World War II would have crush Truman.  Not that Roosevelt’s policies were right, but his stature was.  he was a giant.

Winston Churchill was a giant.

We’re in another era that calls for giants. At least one—one in every country that hopes to survive.

France had no giants in the 1930s.  Nor did Poland or Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, on and on.  The countries without giants fell to monsters.

The World Thirsts for Leaders

You know the difference between the Depression-WWII era and now?

All the giants of that era are dead.  So are most of the people were young then, the ones who fed their families during the Depression, then conquered the monsters in the war.  They’re mostly gone. And those that remain are too old to fight.

The Baby Boomers are the age that Roosevelt was during the last crisis era Gen X is Truman’s age, Eisenhower’s, Patton’s, and Bradley’s.  Gen Y will become the heroes of this era when the history’s written 40 years from now.

But if we don’t get some national GIANTS, who knows what language that history will be written in.

Is Trump the Giant?

trumpI’m not saying Trump’s my first choice. Nor will I pretend I believe he’s an ideological Tea Partier.  I bet he can’t tell you how many Constitutional Amendments there are.  I bet he’s not conversant about Article I Section 8, nor about the 9th and 10th Amendments.  I’d be surprised to learn that he knows the issue in Wickard v. Filburn.  Has he read The Federalist?

As dear and important as those things are to us in the Tea Party movement, I’m not sure how important they’ll be in the next four years.  I’m not sure how important anything we’re talking about today will be four years from now.

The United States on the verge of defaulting on its loans.  U.S. Treasuries are on the verge of being dumped.  The U.S. Dollar’s value is plummeting.  The Fed holds $trillions and doesn’t know what to do with it. George Soros is pushing to issue his own international currency.

The U.S. economic system is about to collapse under 70 years of illegal government activity funded with irresponsible, Ponzi scheme borrowing.

The next president better be Churchill and Reagan, Lincoln and Washington rolled into one.

Stardom and Chutzpah

In modern America, two qualities are indispensible for national leaders: stardom and chutzpah. That’s just be accepted. Those qualities alone are no guarantee of success.

Success requires strength, decisiveness, and a bit of national pride.  These are the qualities Obama lacks.

I see only two potential candidates with all of these qualities:  Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.

That disturbs a lot of people. Left, right, and center.

Can you name another giant personality with the will and resources to challenge for the world’s highest office?

P.S.  If you haven’t read this post, please do.


3 thoughts on “Who’s Fit?”

  1. i have read that last post, and have shared it on another blog, and of the two giants you mention, I’d say Trump is the one who could send Obama and his minions reeling. But there is another who is not sleeping, and waiting for a sign….so, what’s your sign, Allan West?
    “I am the one”, is written all over him, and by now, he has some experience. He certainly has the right kind, compared to the impostor we now have. At the least, he could be a V.P., to keep Trump in line.

  2. On the flip side, times of unrest can also produce tyrannical leaders. Is the US immune? I don’t know, but I’m guarded.

    Not to suggest that it’s more likely to come from the right than the left.

    I like that Trump and Palin have emerged from outside the established order and both have appealing leadership qualities.

  3. It is a good informative post. The next U.S. loan defaults. U.S. Treasury is about to fall. Of U.S. securities plummet. The Depression and World War II would have crush Truman.

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