Blame Machines

Obama blames this for unemployment

Even though they became ubiquitous when he was an undergrad, Obama just now discovered that ATMs reduce foot traffic in banks.  Then again, they probably didn’t have the machines in the Kremlin where he spent his semester abroad.

But the twits are sure having a blast with the news (me included).

Exit question: you think ATMs and airport kiosks are preventing people from finding work?  Seriously?

Answer in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Blame Machines”

  1. Absolutely!!!!!!! And we can better deal with the price of gas and make a major impact on the energy front  by checking our tire pressure. I have done this but the price of gas is still over $3.00 a gallon…What’s that about? Did Mr. Obama get this wrong?

    The best way to help create jobs is not to make it impossible for businesses, particularly small businesses to operate. Job increases usually happen when businesses who create jobs are profitable and left alone by government.

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