Gimme More Money or Granny Gets It!

Obama showed his breaking point today. The stress got to him.

Today Obama threatened to stop Social Security payments if Congress doesn’t bend to his will on the debt ceiling.

The president told reporters that there may not be enough money to pay Social Security benefits on and after August 3rd. 

But the President lies.

Revenue from taxes and other fees would cover Social Security and other payments. What won’t be covered is additional borrowing to service the country’s already outrageous debt. 

In desperation, Obama put a gun to the heads of the elderly.

Smart. Very smart.


3 thoughts on “Gimme More Money or Granny Gets It!”

  1. Two words that may never be mentioned in the same
    sentence: “Obama” and “class.” 

    Many seniors are from the generation that
    –through their ingenuity, persistence, common dignity and character – left us a
    legacy of prosperity unlike any in history. I thank them and apologize for
    being from the generation that took it all for granted. Seniors deserve our
    sincere respect and appreciation and they certainly should be assured that the
    government they trusted will make good on its contract.

  2. This just shows his mentality.  He is ignorant of doing the right thing.  This is typical of a child throwing a temper tantrum.  I say he does what this country wants or he can get the heck out of Dodge.  He has already been here too long.  Taking away the livelihood of Seniors and the disabled will be the worst thing he can do politically and if he gets away with it, they will all be looking for jobs next November.  I am part of that community of Seniors, and I for one can tell you we won”t sit still for it.  There will be retributions for his actions, and congress, house, and Senate if they cave in.

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