Give Me 5 Minutes, And I’ll Give You a New Friend

I have to tell you about a man I know. He’s a good man whom I respect deeply. When I’m done, I hope you’ll have a new friend.

But first, I have tell you about microwave towers and optical illusions.

Microwaves and Curves

Has this ever happened to you?

When I was a kid, my dad worked for a company that owned a small resort for employees about 90 miles south of St. Louis, down Highway 21.

In those days, 21 was a twisty, hilly mess of a road. Those curves and hills created a cool optical illusions, though. At least if you were a kid in a car on a hot, two-hour drive. It was something like this. 

A microwave tower, visible forever, appeared, for miles to be on the east side of the highway.  Right up a few dozen yards before you passed the tower, you’d swear it was on the left as you passed heading south. 

Then, when you were just about on top of it, the road curved, the trees cleared, and the tower seemed to leap to the west side of Highway 21.

My sisters (older than me) made up a guessing game about landmarks along that road. First time players got the microwave tower wrong every time.  Until you were right there at the tower, you couldn’t tell where it stood.

A Long Way From New Jersey

When I read Dan Riehl’s hit piece on Ed Martin Jr. in Big Government, I thought about that microwave tower on Highway 21 in Jefferson County, Missouri.  I remembered that Dan Riehl lives in New Jersey, far from Missouri’s 2nd District. Clearly, Dan doesn’t know Ed. 

So let me introduce the Ed Martin I know in just a moment.

As I read on, I realized that Dan’s opinions come mostly from reading two anti-Martin blogs:  Bungalow Bill and “Fired-Up Missouri,” the Carnahan family blog.  Living in New Jersey, Dan probably didn’t realize he’s getting a distorted view of Ed Martin—a view intentionally tainted to make Ed Martin look bad, truth be damned. 

I’ll blame the leftist blogs, for example, for Dan’s confusion on the Eckersley affair.  Dan should have read the 4-part series on that case in (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4).  There, The Editor refuted all of the major charges leveled against Ed and Matt Blunt in a detailed, documented series of reports, concluding correctly with Memogate Explained in 30 Words or Less:

Jay Nixon’s lawyer friends sued a Republican and his staff to help Nixon’s election bid.  The case was settled when Nixon was elected and the lawyers needed to get paid.

A View From Missouri

Ed Martin for CongressOn this side of the Mississippi, you get a much better view of Ed Martin. You’ll see the real Ed Martin that I know—unless you’re a liberal Democrat or an establishment Republican

If Dan spent some time in St. Louis with Ed, maybe he’d come to know the wonderful man I met about February 22, 2009. That’s when Ed saw my Facebook event for a Tea Party in St. Louis and asked if he could help. 

As I said before, Ed took a big political risk coming to that event, and he helped make that first Tea Party the success it was.  He helped steer the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition in its infancy, right up to the day he announced his candidacy for the U. S. House of Representatives in Missouri’s 3rd District.

Dan could learn even more by coming to St. Louis or reading some of our more conservative bloggers.  Dan seems surprised, for instance, that Ed Martin’s establishment opponent out-raised Ed in the last quarter.  Well, Ed doesn’t have a lot of DC Establishment friends to turn to for cash.  For Ed’s support, he relies on Tea Partiers and 9-12 Project patriots, Right-to-Lifers, and even some Reagan Democrats.

Had Dan been in St. Louis a few Saturdays ago, he might have seen about 600 typical Ed Martin people at a Trivia Night in Two Heart’s banquet hall, complete with mostachioli.  The place was packed on a night that was really too beautiful weather-wise to be inside. I was there, along with all my sisters  and old neighbors from Epiphany.  It was a classic St. Louis event.

That’s the way the Ed Martin I know raises money—by having fun with the people who vote, not sipping champaign with business executives and their lobbyists.

Ed Off the Record

Then there’s the Ed Martin that you’ll never see all the way from New Jersey—microwave links or not.  I’m talking about the unofficial Ed Martin. 

Here’s one story that tells a lot about the Ed Martin I know, the one who’s running for Missouri’s 2nd US House District in 2012.

Ed asked me to speak at his New Year’s Eve Party on December 31, 2009.  The event was in far South St. Louis County, at Orlando’s banquet center.  About 100 or so people enjoyed drinks, dinner, and a midnight toast.

Late in the evening, as I was getting ready to leave, I met a family from Illinois. The man was a pharmacist.  He wasn’t a political type; he seemed uncomfortable.  In fact, I believe he and Ed might be of different parties.

“I’d do anything for Ed,” the man told me.


“A few years ago, the state of Illinois tried to shut me down because I refused to dispense the Morning After pill,” he said.  “I’m Catholic.”

“No one would take my case because it was too risky and too sure to lose. That man,” he said, pointed toward Ed who was a few tables away, “was the only lawyer who stepped up and offered to represent me. He came to me.  I didn’t even know who he was.”

“Ed fought like a dog for me.  He was the only one with the courage and conviction to take on the entire state of Illinois and Governor Blagojevich.” 

Ed never told me that story. I never heard him tout it on the stump in 2009 and 2010.  Maybe he did and I missed it. 

Nor did Ed tell me about volunteering to represent a man who was wrongfully accused of threatening Russ Carnahan.  Again, when most lawyers were afraid to take on the (then) powerful Carnahan machine, Ed Martin stepped up and fought for what was right.

I could tell you about the Tea Partiers I know who love Ed because he’s “not like all the other politicians.” 

One man told me, “I know a lot of Republican politicians around St. Louis. I’ve asked them what I can do, and I told them I want to get involved.  But I’m just a regular guy. They brushed me off.  I wasn’t important enough for them. So I said, ‘the hell with you.’”

“Ed, though, treats me like he treats everybody else.  I feel like I know him.  He knows me. He’s right there in the neighborhood all the time, not in Washington or Europe.”

Straightening the Curves for Dan

So, I’m sorry Dan Riehl—normally a careful researcher—missed so much on this particular story.  (We all have bad days.)  Or maybe Anthony Weiner hacked into Dan’s Big Government account.

I was warned in May (and I passed along the warning) that the Missouri Republican establish was out to destroy Ed Martin and his Tea Party supporters. Had Dan read my piece, maybe he’d have checked his sources a little more carefully before posting the shabby, undocumented hit piece.

Here in St. Louis, we know where Ed stands.  He stands with us, people who can’t really help him. He fights the battles that others won’t.  

To this ordinary guy, Ed Martin is street, and his current battle is our battle: to fix the establishment, not romance it.

P.S.  If you’re a fan of Ed’s, send a donation to Ed Martin for Congress.


13 thoughts on “Give Me 5 Minutes, And I’ll Give You a New Friend”

  1. I have known Ed for about 2 years and he is exactly as you describe him.  He has a characteristic that you won’t find in many politicians.  Honesty.  I totally support Ed Martin.

  2. I met Ed in June 2010 and I agree, he is exactly as you say.  He is NOT the Republican Establishment, I would say he is a renegade.  He fights the good fight, no matter the consequences.  He treats you with respect no matter what you have to offer, even if it’s nothing but support and a willingness to spread the word.  I am no longer in Ed’s district, but he still responds to my emails every time.  Missouri needs him in Congress.  He will fight for US, not for himself.

  3. Anyone who thinks that Ed or Ann Wagner are not INSIDERS are kidding themselves.  Ann is wrapped up in the RNC and Ed is tied to state party, aka – Blunt, Kinder and Barkledge.

    1. Evidentaly you know nothing about Ed Martin or you are one of those Libs that don’t know anything!  Wake up, you are the problem.

  4. Dan Riehl
    believes Ann Wagner bests Ed Martin in the race for Missouri’s 2nd
    District. In his article he wrote, “He
    [Ed] threw his name in the US Senate race. In time, Ed Martin realized he was
    no match for Sarah Steelman’s lackluster campaign.” Dan failed to mention that
    Ed dropped out after Todd Akin entered the race for the Senate seat and Ed
    supports Todd. Dan also failed to mention that Ed ran against Russ Carnahan in
    the 2010 election when no establishment Republican wanted to do so and he came
    up a little short of votes to win on election night. 

    Dan wrote that he noticed a call by Martin for both he and Wagner to pledge allegiance to Reagan’s
    so-called 11th Commandment – thou shalt speak no ill of a fellow
    Republican, claiming it comes off as weak.  Maybe it was because there
    were rumors that the GOP establishment was going to go negative in the campaign
    and I mentioned it to Ed not to go negative because the objective is to keep
    the Statists from gaining anymore power. Ultimately, it is about the future of
    this country.

    Ann Wagner
    is a formidable candidate and it’s going to be a tough race, but Dan emphasizes
    the fundraising. Money does help win elections, however with the new medium out
    there like Face book, You Tube and the Internet, candidates are able to get
    their message out with less money not to mention the volunteers.

    Dan was
    also concerned that Ed does not currently live in the newly formed 2nd
    District. Ed ran for the 3rd Congressional District in 2010 against
    Russ Carnahan and now the 2nd District is in part of what was the 3rd
    district. Therefore he would need to move into the District after he won the
    election and should be a mute point. As for the emails it was addressed in the
    last campaign and should also be a mute point.

    The new 2nd
    District supposedly favors a Republican Candidate, which leads me to ask an important
    question, why should a candidate run for office? Should they run only if they
    are in a secure district, hoping for an easy victory or should they run because
    the opposing party’s policies and rhetoric are detrimental to this country? The
    establishment GOP did not run against the Incumbent Russ Carnahan. Why? Why did
    they not challenge Russ Carnahan or Dick Gephardt in the past? Was it because
    they never wanted to challenge the Democrats and the Status quo? Was it because
    it would have been a tough election? Was it because that was Dick
    Gephardt’s District, and the Democrat/Statists owned and were entitled to that
    fiefdom. (Remember, Gary Gill had Gephardt on the ropes in 1994, until Newt
    Gingrich came out in support of Gephardt.) So why didn’t Ann Wagner challenge Russ
    Carnahan or Dick Gephardt in prior elections? Ed Martin with a Conservative
    message did run against Russ Carnahan, because the Democrat/Statist’s policies
    and rhetoric are detrimental to this country. Thus Ed deserves our support.  BTW I have nothing against Ann Wagner and my
    goal is to keep Russ Carnahan or any other Statist from winning that seat.

    Greg Zotta

  5. Ed has been an early and often supporter of the Tea party straight down the line.  He is a passionate, scrappy conservative.  Who do you thin is more likely to hold the GOP leadership to the fire?  Ed, a guy who sued Matt Blunt over cloning, or Ann “I wan to run the RNC” Wagner?

    I do not think Ann Wagner is a bad person, or even a RINO per se, but Ed’s a hard-charging fighter who was Tea Party before it was cool.  Never saw Ann at a tea party event, either.

  6. I did not read the hit piece in Big Government.  But I can tell everyone that does not support Ed Martin for Congress in 2nd District they need to open their eyes & ears and meet this man and hear him speak.  Ed Martin is not the establishment.  He is the person that all America would love to have as a Representative in any of their Districts or States.  He is honest, Pro-life, Christian  and he stands for the ordinary American Citizen not a wanabe Politician.  He is running because he believes in America and loves his Country as do those of us that support him.  He wants what is right for this Country.  He is also a good friend.  Everyone come to one of his fundraisers or just send him an e-mail or give him a call, he always has time to listen and will answer any of the questions you have in a very honest way.   

  7.        I don’t know if Todd Akin told Ed he was going to run for Senate or not but it only made sense when Todd decided to run for the Republican nomination vacating his House seat that Ed move to the House race. 

           I am so sick of the fund raising issue.  Since when in our democracy has it been that the candidate that raises the most money wins the election?  Ed Martin and his volunteers, I personally worked every Saturday going door to door and wished I could have done more last election, made Ed a household name.  As a resident of Jefferson County, that Ed won by 20%, that momentum is not gone.  Ann Wagner is an unknown here.

          I can tell you having ties to the Republican Establishment will not be an asset for Ann Wagner.  The more outsider money she pulls in the more resentment is going to grow.  I hope Ann concentrates on fundraising and fails to show like she did for the meet and greet hosted by the St. Charles Young Republicans.  Her husband came and gave the reason for absence as she was at a fundraiser.

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