Will You Help Find the Lost?

You might have heard that Jefferson County Council was one of the happiest stories emerging from the 2010 election.

Well, some of the conservative champions who led the crusade to capture the council want to help more citizens become political leaders.

On Saturday, September 24, you can help.  You can help while having blast of a good time in Crystal City.


Events all day long, including live music in the caverns from 7 to 9 pm.

Make a day of it, and help bring some new blood to office in Jefferson County.


3 thoughts on “Will You Help Find the Lost?”

  1. It looks like I am still disconnected in Jefferson County. My political interests seem to have a hard time emerging. But they ARE emerging (I was more issue oriented as opposed to political).
    So tell me how/why Jefferson County Council was one of the happiest stories emerging from the 2010 election. I DO know it used to have a Democrat base, since then, of course I know what that implies 🙂 and a charter government was put in place….I can only imagine the changes….Have a link(s)?

    1. Here’s the Post’s story on the Jefferson County Council elections of 2010. But there’s more to the story.

      Democrats who had controlled Jefferson County for a long time fought the transition to a charter form of government.

      You should check out Jeffco Tea Party . Ken and his crew have done a fabulous job of building one of the best countywide tea party groups in the USA.

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