Would you do me a favor this Saturday?

I try not to ask for much.  Okay, maybe that’s not true, but I’m going to ask you a favor, anyway. Mark this down:  7:00 pm, Saturday, October 1. 

It’s weird, I know.  But I’m asking for three presents in one.

First, my mom and dad celebrate their wedding anniversary this week. (62nd?)  Second, my wife and I celebrate our wedding anniversary this week.  Third, next week is my birthday.

I’d ask for a birthday party, but I know you’ll all be worn out from the big Forest Park event on Tuesday, October 4 at 5:00 pm.

So I’m going to ask you for a very simple favor.

Please watch KPLR Channel 11 at 7:00 pm this Saturday, October 1.  If you can’t watch, DVR it and watch later.

October 2011 Calendar – United States

See, I’ll be on. I’m the guest on a brand new news program hosted by Shirley Washington. Panelists include Charles Jaco and Betsey Bruce. (It could be lively!)

The format sounds great: a 15-minute regular news section followed by a 45-minute examination of one topic. So don’t stop watching if it’s straight news at the top of the hour.  Pop some popcorn, crack open a Bud Select, and relax.

Thanks to your work, the topic of the very first episode is the Tea Party Movement.

Since we couldn’t get all 7,000+ people registered in our database into the studio, they asked me to be your humble representative.  I hope I don’t let you down.

So please watch or DVR Saturday at 7, Channel 11.  And drop a nice note to Shirley Washington to thank her for making Tea Party the first topic.


9 thoughts on “Would you do me a favor this Saturday?”

  1. Congratulations!  I’ve had a few thoughts recently I’ll share, you may want them for the show or whatever.  I see constant crap out of the usual suspects about how the “Tea Party is racist”.  No doubt you’ve seen them, too.  Question:  If Herman Cain gets nominated, and a white, lefty pundit rips on him (Krugman, Friedman, the usual), are they racist?  I’d be curious to know that.

    Good luck, I’ll probably be watching, may have to go out of town, though.

    1. Mike,

      Thanks! Based on the theory that Progressive academics advance these days, Herman Cain is just another white supremacist.

      The way I see it, the left is losing the debate and losing the elections. So they’re trying to festoon liberty-lovers with hateful labels like “racist”, “terrorist”, and “extreme.” It’s much more comfortable for them to spew hatred against such nasty labels than to deal with other human beings.

      In other words, the left’s mission is to dehumanize us the way they’ve dehumanized the sick and the unborn.

  2. Sounds like a great opportunity to give the public a more accurate representation of what the Tea Party really stands for without all the Liberal/Progressive rhetoric. Thank-you Bill for taking a BIG ONE  for the team by choosing to be in the same room with that CNN drop-out. Good luck and God Bless. I will be watching!

  3. Congratulations! You really got under Jaco’s skin! 
    You are so white!
    I loved how you were staring each other down at the end…so it seemed…the show ended there.
    And Betsy was awesome!
    There was one thing I would have added as an answer to “our” plan would make the economy even worse. I would have added, yes, things would get really uncomfortable for a while, but it will happen anyway, as the can is kicked down the road, only worse, due to the nature of financial mismanagement over so many years.
    But better to face it now, get it over with and heal the economy once again, in order to see prosperity return and strengthen our country.
    Overall, you were outsanding.


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