The GOP’s Predictable Plan to Destroy the Tea Party

Yes, the establishment wants you to go away.

Are you going to obey?


With a little help from The Atlantic and New York Times (of all places), we can put together a strategy to recognize and deflect the establishment’s tactics. 

Put this in your back pocket. You’ll need it before primary season is over.

Establishment Tactic 1:  Never admit membership in the establishment

How To Handle: Never argue about what he establishment is.  Instead, demand super-specific policies that the establishment would hate.  “Then you must oppose TARP and Stimulus. Could I get a quote from you for my blog?”

Establishment Tactic 2:  Kill the Tea Party with kindness

How To Handle:  Whenever someone praises you, thank them.  But if you suspect an ulterior motive, there probably is. Again, demand specificity:  “What would your legislation to unwind Social Security look like?”

Establishment Tactic 3:  Push Candidates to the Left

How to Handle:  You’ve heard it before—run to the base in the primary and to the middle in the general.  I’m not a fan of strict pledges that opponents can use to bludgeon a candidate. But letting the Billy Longs of the world lie their way to Washington to turn left is no way to save the republic. 

Hold out the third party threat.  Hand wobbly nominees a pair of flip-flops at a meet-and-greet.  They’ll get the message.

Establishment Tactic 4:  Make compromise a moral imperative

How to Handle:  A conservative once lamented that if the Democrats sponsored legislation to burn the capitol to the ground, Republicans would offer an amendment to phase the fire in over three weeks.

To combat  this tactic, point out the folly of the idea. If you’re in debt up to your eyeballs, borrowing half as much as you’d like to doesn’t make you better off.  Sometimes, reversal, not compromise, is the right thing.

Establishment Tactic 5:  Take the GOP ball and go home

As I pointed out in a previous post, the establishment is more prone than activists to defect when it doesn’t get its way.  Let them.  When Republicans say “it’s our party, not yours,” smile and nod.  Then run for low-level party position.  Get your friends to do the same.  Show up at township and central committee meetings.  Reagan’s forces took over the GOP in short order.  Tea Partiers can too.

Bonus Point:  Don’t Become the Establishment

Actually, you can’t really avoid that. But remember—new insurgents are born every day.  Someday you’ll be viewed at the powerful interest seeking to exclude the stamp-licking rabble.  Be careful how you use your power and influence.


You might have even better ideas.  Please add them to the comments below.


4 thoughts on “The GOP’s Predictable Plan to Destroy the Tea Party”

  1. If you ever find out a candidate views any volunteers as ‘stamp-licking’ rabble, please expose it!  The establishment has forgotten that the stamp-lickers are the people they are elected to serve and protect, not just their cronies and lobbyists friends. Thanks for keeping the STLTP moving n the right direction, Bill.

  2. The best thing we can do is what goes on here: expose their perfidious conduct and compare their contempt for Conservatives to that of liberals in public.  

  3. We always need to remember to dig below the surface and see who these candidates are. Who is endorsing them? Big name republican RINO’s should not be a badge of honor.

  4. Much of what the New York times prints are distortions or outright lies meant to shape attitudes or behavior.  Noticing there were no quotation marks incapsulating Bill Kristol’s alleged or possibly altered remarks, were any attempts made to verify the statements quoted by Matt Bai. Does wearing a bow tie make one a closet RINO supporter?  Is compromise always a bad thing?  Could this article be an attempt to stir things up and to “use their energy” to sow discontent among the Tea Party.  I would hope most conservatives would recognize why someone might be patting them on the head.          

    Lean Forward………..& Flush

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