Yahoo Email Users: Check Your Spam Filters

We just received this heads up from a friend:

Just a quick note that Yahoo has apparently changed their “Spam” firewall rules.  You’re Tea Party updates have been showing up in my spam box for the past couple days.  I can’t prove there is a conspiracy, but all of my e-mails from conservative organizations are showing up as spam while a lot of other crap is flying right through.  Yahoo mail’s spam filter is supposed to be an adaptive process.  In other words, when I mark each e-mail as not spam, it is supposed to add the sender to my white list.  Apparently it is not as smart as I expect.  Just giving you an FYI in case this is happening to many others.

All email providers update their spam algorithms regularly.  Sometimes email you want gets filtered out.

Thanks to John S. for warning us to check our Yahoo filters.


4 thoughts on “Yahoo Email Users: Check Your Spam Filters”

  1. I am really not surprised! Ever notice their news propaganda, with no opinions allowed?
    And those with a huge conservative reaction against the left, are either then closed for discussion, or the article completely disappears. I do believe they have agreed to cover and sponsor something election related….don’t recall right now. It was applauded.  But anything like that should be highly suspicious as most likely an attempt to sabotage anything not Communist. 

  2. It’s a good idea to be sure replies can be made without using another profile link.
    To be able to reply as a guest (also being revised) or anonymous, has been increasingly more difficult. This is of course no big deal if you don’t mind that pesky new world order and the assault on privacy.

  3. I have noticed Yahoo’s bias for quite some time. They have pretty much sold out (they joined forces with MSNBC). You can see it especially in their special Yahoo news segments that have no comments available…they are pure 100% propaganda. I left Yahoo a couple of weeks ago.
    Actuaklly, I think Google has done a turn-around.

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