Why Tea Party?

A college student asked me a question:  Why join the Tea Party?


He was wondering why anyone would want to associate with people who behaved reprehensibly at two earlier Republican debates.

Here’s how I replied:


Sorry that I’m just getting to this.  I get a lot of email, and sometimes I miss things.

I organized the tea party in St. Louis in 2009. I did so because I’ve seen that governments accumulate power until they crush liberty and freedom. Governments use every means to increase their power over the people.  Most recently, it’s been debt.  

Did you know that you owe about $50,000 in federal debt–in addition to all other debts and taxes? You.  If you get married, you’ll have a combined $100,000.  

You’ll pay that debt in one of three ways:  taxes, inflation, or reduced income.  Either way, you have no chance of out-earning me if you follow my exact career path and work just as hard.  

But that’s just money. What about life and liberty?  

No weak government ever committed a holocaust.  But powerful governments do it all the time.  The Nazis.  The Soviets.  Pol Pot.  Ho Chi Minh. Mao.  Castro.  

Talk to someone who fled one of those regimes.  Learn what happens when all the power, all the police forces, all the taxing and permits and borrowing and judging accumulate to a small group of people.

Hell is what happens.  

Show me what happens when good people, people of character, are free to live their own lives. 


Were there idiots at those debates?  Sure.  Then again, look at the idiots at OWS encampments, defecating on police cars and raping women. Put 100 people in a room and 5 will lack the ability to form human bonds.  

Do we need police and anti-trust laws and other regulations?  Of course. But we also need a constant and vigorous defense of our liberty. 

That’s why I called for a Tea Party in February 2009, and that’s why I hope you’ll join our little band in St. Louis. We stand on guard for your liberty.  And that’s one of hell of an important job. 

Here’s some other people’s views on Why I Tea Party


Bill Hennessy

Why do you tea party?


2 thoughts on “Why Tea Party?”

  1. Good response!  It is important that all citizens engage government.  The natural state of human life is not freedom, but rather control.  That is precisely why the United States Constitution was called an experiment.  How can a people possibly govern themselves?  They need a king to guide them!  Is that not where we find ourselves today?  But rather than a king, and imperial Federal Government, that wants to meddle in markets, and our very lives.  Not too long ago, if you objected to local government, you could move, and still be free.  That is not the case any longer, unless you leave the country, and then the places one could go are extremely limited.  Thomas Jefferson said something like, the tree of liberty occassional needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots.  Bottom line, the people that formed the ‘Tea Party’ believe in the ability of humans to govern themselves, those oppossed believe we need to be led.  Leadership has been corrupted, leadership is helping people ascertain what they want, then helping them acheive it, not ‘it’s my way or the highway’ mentality of the federal government.  For us to succede as a nation, government needs to be more local.  As in 1776, when a king in far off Europe could not know what was indeed the needs and lead, so to in 2011 does that far off government in Washington DC not understand the needs of the people out in the field.  Your mayor should be the most important person in your political life, do you know who that is?  The federal government should be the least important in your political life, bet you know who the president is.  Only when government is local, with local citizens determining what needs to be done will we once again grow to our potential.  Cities competing with cities, States competing with states, with a federal government that protects all from outside invaders, and judges grievances between the internal parties.  That solves most of the issues we face as a nation.  Consider abortion, if one state wants it legal fine, if another does not, fine too, then ordinary people show their support by moving.  Gay unions?  Don’t we see that?  Some states say yes, some no, the people then choose to stay or join based on their personal morals.  Those that vehemently oppose Massachusetts law can move to Alabama, and vice versa.  Problem solved.  But if the Federal Goverment requires states to accept gay unions, or not to accept them, one party or the other is injured, as in Roe v. Wade, and then we have years or decades of bad feelings.  Both sides are sure of their righteousness.

    Sorry about the rambling, sometimes a particular thing sets me off, I will stop now.

    1. ” Your mayor should be the most important person in your political life, do you know who that is? ”

      So true.  Great point, TJ.  We can safely tolerate more government intrusion at the local level for two reasons: 

      1.  We can escape easily to the next town, county, or state without giving up being American.
      2.  We can more readily change the laws we don’t like, because need to convince a relatively small group of people to see things (and vote) our way.

      Most importantly, it’s the federal government, not city hall, that’s trampled the Constitution. And it’s the federal government we intend to subdue.

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