Relate to This, Mitt

The liberal press cannot issue a story about the Republican presidential race that does not refer to Mitt Romney’s need (and inability) to “relate to” conservatives. Puke.

Relate to this: if Mitt Romney’s a conservative, I’m a Hottentot


By “relate to,” the media and Romney’s handlers actually mean  “hoodwink.”  While Romney might secure the GOP nomination without conservative support, his campaign will go down in flames without conservative grassroots boots on the ground from Labor Day to Election Day.

The only way Romney can win the hearts and minds of conservatives is to relive the past 20 years of his life.  This time as a conservative.

Romney might win more favor among conservatives by simply acknowledging who and what he is: an East Coast, Blue Blood, Rockefeller Republican with severely elitist views of government’s role in people’s lives. (And by “people” I include corporations.)


2 thoughts on “Relate to This, Mitt”

  1. Come on Bill.  I’m finding it difficult to follow you here.  What do you really think?  Serioiusly, I could not agree more.  Romney has only “talked the talk” the last couple of months in an effort to win the Conservative and Tea Party vote.  Prior to that he thought that he could win without us.  And there’s no way that he can win without that Conservative/Tea Party contingent enthusiastically fighting for him this fall.  That also includes the Ron Paul supporters, who must not sit out the vote because their guy does not make it.

  2. Bill I agree with you about Romney. When I talk with people at my workplace, no one is happy with any of the offerings we have been given.  But, everyone seems to agree, the point is to remove these criminals from running our country into destruction. And for that reason, we are all in agreement, WHO EVER GETS THE NOMINATION GETS OUR VOTE! 

    That person can be a one term president until we can find a true conservative for the next election. But the point here is to take Congress, TOTALLY, remove Harry, and most importantly BO. As long as he can get away with overriding the Constitution,  his Czars (not approved by congress) and his executive orders we are doomed.  The things that are being done to destroy America are too numerous to even count at this point. The ones we hear about are only the diversions to keep us from knowing all the ugly details.  Lets also not forget, the PRESIDENT PROPOSES, CONGRESS DISPOSES. Even if it is Romney, with a conservative congress we can still effect the change we want.  The religious right, and those who think they are standing on principal, may be contributing to our demise. There is a time and place for those views, but sadly there is so much at stake right now; this is the moment of our survival or destruction.

     So, once again, I will hold my nose and vote, for who ever the nominee may be.

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