What Makes Us Happy?

Marc, at Bad Catholic, rocks.obsessive_delusional%20_Obama[1]

In this post on Obama’s continuing jihad against Christianity, he answers a burning question: did human happiness exist before artificial contraception? 

Put another way, is chemical birth control a natural state of humanity?

Before you answer, read the post. Think about it. 


2 thoughts on “What Makes Us Happy?”

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  2. GREAT ANOLOGY!  Catholics use individual conscience whether or not to use birth control. My church, my choice!  Democrats screaming for years about separation of Church and State, and then dare to interfere with Catholic beliefs.
    We have a Dictator for president, who eliminates babies through Abortion, and now Seniors through ObamaCare calling us Units.  Who knows better then what America has at risk then the Seniors who have lived and died for freedom.
    Obama crossed the line!  The Catholic Church is finally getting that ObamaCare is not charity, but a way of controlling our freedoms!   

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