Why Attend the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party

Yes, I’ve written about little else. The 3rd Anniversary Tea Party is something of an obsession with me. And for good reasons:

But there’s a much bigger reason you—you, the person reading this  blog—should attend the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party. 

That reason is personal, powerful, and acute.

That reason is this:You cannot live with yourself if Obama wins and you failed to do everything in your power to stop him.

With your attendance at the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party assure Obama’s defeat?  No.

Will your failure to attend guarantee his re-election? No.

But by actively participating in the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party, then following through on the things you learned, you can make a big difference.  You might make THE difference. 

Or your apathy might make a difference of another kind.

And I know you can’t live with that.

I don’t want anyone waking up the day after the election and saying, “I should have done more.”

That’s why I’m asking you to attend the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party. 


3 thoughts on “Why Attend the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party”

  1. I was there for the first tea party, and it’s really sad to see that the event has already lost its way after two  years. This focus on making sure Obama doesn’t win is a distraction at best. In case you don’t remember, our country has been plunged into overwhelming debt by the two major parties. The Republicans have always talked a good game, but they always fail. If you believe their lies, go right ahead and help them “beat Obama”. But I won’t have any part of it. I’m going to continue to educate myself and others on constitutional government and free markets. Have fun at your lame Republican rally.

    1. I think I understand, but let me ask this: Do want anything to change? If so, now does educating yourself change things?

      Sure, you’re changing the arrangement of the synapses in your brain. You’re reinforcing the things you already believe. But what are you *doing * to bring down the debt and restore Constitutional government?

      Again, the question is, how do you change the world by reading a book? And, please, share with us the name of that book, because reading is a hell of a lot easier than organizing training conferences and knocking on strangers’ doors and all the other things we’ve been doing for the past three years.

  2. I’ll be there.  I’m excited to learn new ways to help our country.  I understand about the two party system and the mess it’s made of our country, however, I know that if Obama is re-elected, there will be no more America.  Obama hates America and he hates the American people and the success we’ve enjoyed for over 200 hundred years.  Do we really want to put him back into office so that he can obliterate America or do we want to fight for this country?  When people say that they are not going help the Republicans because they’re big government also, that’s an excuse to vote for Obama and that’s an affirmative response that you don’t care what he does to your country.

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