How Rush Limbaugh Revived Chivalry

A Georgetown law student turned the Democrat Party from an androgynous blob into a modern day Ivanhoe. (Yes, I’ll tread carefully around that “Ivanhoe” to spare Democrat sensibilities.)


Sandra Fluke, the student, begged Congress to confiscate property from me and millions of other taxpayers in order to satisfy her sexual appetite.

Rush Limbaugh pointed out that law school lasts three years, condoms cost about a buck each, and Ms. Fluke needed 3,000 of them just to make it to the bar exam.

And she wants the federal government to put a gun to your head to pay for them.

Limbaugh’s editorial included the obvious conclusion: Ms. Fluke’s libido would wear out the (libeled) Duke Lacrosse team.

Democrats went apoplectic. Their direct mail consultants broke fingernails furiously banging out fundraising letters to millions of morally challenged Democrat donors.  In a noble desire to defend the honor of the Georgetown Slattern, chivalry is reborn.

The Democrat and media hypocrisy smells like a Philadelphia trash barge in August.  (Yes, I’ve been there.)  I could list a thousand instances of lefties libeling innocent people simply for being—not like them.

One example is the Tawana Brawley case, in which Rev. Al Sharpton worked to frame an innocent man. (See Sharpton Loses Libel Case.)

The Duke Lacrosse team is another example. When a black stripper accused members of the team of rape, the leftist media immediately and finally pronounced the white men guilty.  Eugene Robinson, the Washington Post’s Race-Baiter-in-Residence, led the charge.  And Duke’s leftist professors refused to back down long after charges were dropped. And why did the Duke faculty let the false rape charges against white male students live on?  Because they’re cowards or liars. 

In their book Rush to Judgment: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case, Stuart Taylor and KC Johnson, journalists, explain:

But, as some admitted privately to friends, they were also afraid to cross the activists—black and female activists especially—lest they be smeared with charges of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, or right-wingism.

That’s what would happen to a chemistry professor who—months after the team’s innocence had become clear—became the first member of the arts and sciences faculty to break ranks with the academic herd. It took less than twenty-four hours for the head of Duke’s women’s studies program to accuse him of racism in a letter to The Chronicle.

In these cases, liberals knowingly and falsely accused people of crimes for the purpose of self-gain. In the Georgetown Slattern case, a radio talk show host  simply made a wisecrack. Sandra Fluke, not Limbaugh, told the country in open testimony that she consumes a thousand dollars worth of contraceptives a year. Ms. Fluke, not Limbaugh, demands that I pay for her contraceptives.  And she’s willing to, um, “lend” herself out to Congress and the media get her way.

Meanwhile, Iran is ready to launch nuclear missiles, and the national debt is spinning wildly toward the point of no return.

Go, Rush!


One thought on “How Rush Limbaugh Revived Chivalry”

  1. Bill,
    Excellent point!

    Here’s what I don’t understand about Ms. Fluke’s lament…

    If she is using birth control pills, then isn’t her consumption (one per day) independent of the amount of sex she has? According to and many other sources, for an uninsured woman BC pills cost about $20 per month after an initial checkup and prescription, which costs between $50 and $150. Annual follow-ups cost between $30 and $60. This is nowhere near the $1,000 per year quoted by Ms. Fluke, and it’s hard to believe that it’s a financial burden.

    Perhaps, she’s providing condoms for her sex partners like any caring slut would do. Condom usage would, of course, vary with the amount of sex she is having. Nonetheless, condoms are so cheap (often free) that she would have to be a prodigious practitioner of the horizontal arts in order to use $1,000 worth each year.


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