Down at the Lake, They Want to Know “Is the Tea Party Dead?”

Is the Tea Party dead?  That’s the big question this week around the Lake of the Ozarks.

First, Eric Reeve The Lake Liberal wrote this letter-to in Lake News Online. He concludes:

We may hear of the Tea Party here and there in the future, but I doubt it will ever figure prominently in American politics again. I say we should take a moment and reflect on what it might have been as we say farewell to the once promising Tea Party movement.

The Camdenton Tea Party said “not so fast,” and called for a rally to show that the Tea Party is still around.

Setting The Record Straight From 2008” Camdenton Tea Party April 28th, 12:00 noon at the Camden County Court House.  Will you get to work to prove the lake liberal wrong?

Will you take the time to come hear Barbara From Harlem? She and her daughter, Bee Bee are travelling 1100 Miles to tell you a different story.

How about Patriot Paul Curtman, Cynthia Davis, and Ed Martin, and eighth grader, Sophie Shore ?

Who’s right?

If the purpose of the Tea Party movement was to hold ever larger rallies and protests, then The Lake Liberal is right. The big rally era is over, and it isn’t coming back. I’m not saying to cancel all the rallies. Far from it.  I hope we have a few big ones in St. Louis this year.  But the rallies no longer define the movement. We’ve grown beyond mere demonstration.

If the purpose of the Tea Party was to ignite a long overdue conversation about the proper and fitting role of government in our lives, about the purpose and meaning of a written Constitution, then we’ve already won.  The Supreme Court now ponders those two questions, naked and profound, for the first time in decades. And the case got to the Supreme Court because the Tea Party forced the Senate to rush through a flawed law.

But if the Tea Party’s final mission is to restore the proper balance between government and the people who created it, then our mission is far from over and its outcome far from certain.

Many people–the unknowing believers–demand all the rewards of a free society, but they don’t want to be bothered with the details.  Or they haven’t been invited to the party in the language and context that they understand.

Some want the growing economy and the next generation iPads and cars that park themselves.  But they’ve never learned that only a free society can dream and demand and design and develop such wonders; governments can’t.

It’s our job to invite the Unknowing Believers. It’s up to us to ask them to the dance, in their terms, in ways they will understand. If a rally can bring in just one Unknowing Believer, it’s a success. In fact, if the rally just inspires one knowing believer to grow the pie, we’ve done our job.

The conservative movement, branded Tea Party or otherwise, isn’t dead until we, the people who drive it, say it is.  Or until we fall silent. And I’m not about to resign or retreat, are you?

Go get ’em, Camden County!

Write it down:

“Setting The Record Straight From 2008” Camdenton Tea Party

Date: April 28th, 2012
Time: 12:00 noon
Location: Camden County Court House

4 thoughts on “Down at the Lake, They Want to Know “Is the Tea Party Dead?””

  1. “But if the Tea Party’s final mission is to restore the proper balance between government and the people who created it, then our mission is far from over and its outcome far from certain”

    Agreed – I think there are people who are really getting involved – myself included. My township has pretty much been defunct, and I was encouraged to run as committeperson – so now there can be opportunity…

    I beleive there are many more in the same position… instead of gathering in rallys, committed people have become involved in the process.

  2. This Is Eric Reeve “The Lake Liberal” from Camden County MO at the beautiful lake of the Ozarks…….Hello! Not only were ther NEVER any rallies held in Camden County…local politicians never once asknowledged their membership in the movement….! The Tea Party doesn’t even exist here anymore. Now they call themselves the “Conservative Club” in the thinly veiled attempt at concealing their true identity. As I stated in the column article you so kindly shared in part with your readers here, “At least here at the Lake and Camden County Missouri the Tea Party has dissolved into a political party of no significance or imposrtance.” Just as I predicted in my column article. Your favorite Liberal in MO,………Eric “The Lake Liberal” Reeve www,ericreeve,com

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