Obama Cancelled Religious Freedom, But Some People Aren’t Listening to Obama

Old Courthouse St. Louis

When Obama decreed that Catholics shall support and provide chemical abortions, he wasn’t promoting women. He was shackling religion.

Totalitarian autocrats don’t cotton freedom, unless they personally granted it.  Obama doesn’t believe in individual liberty, but that all power and rights emanate from government. Timothy Cardinal Dolan agrees.

So it’s exciting to report that some St. Louisans are fighting back.  Here’s the details:

Protest for Religious Freedom

Location:  Old Courthouse (Directions)
Date:   Saturday, April 28, 2012
Time:   11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Our rally outside a government building will be held on April 28th at 11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon.  We will have an outstanding list of speakers at this event.  Zip Rzeppa will be our Master of Ceremony.

Religious and Tea Party Leaders will encourage us to press for religious freedom.

The event will be held at the Old Courthouse in downtown St. Louis.  Please plan on arriving early to find parking as the Cardinals play the Milwaukee Brewers at 12:05 that same day.



Video: White House Chief of Staff Says Obama Has Complete Power to Decree Healthcare Rules


One thought on “Obama Cancelled Religious Freedom, But Some People Aren’t Listening to Obama”

  1. Barack Hussein Obama supports late term partial birth abortions and infanticide, yet many Catholics and priests supported Obama and voted for him in 2008.What were they thinking? Now, there is an outcry about contraceptives and the abortion pill. Here’s the solution, have people pay for their own healthcare insurance. Then the Church would no longer be concerned about them funding contraceptives and the abortion pill. People should be paid for the work they do and then buy what they want to buy.

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