Tea Party Activist Calls for Stampede

I blogged about the battle of the Tea Party’s future going on around the Lake of the Ozarks recently.

I received this response from Freida Keough, St. Louis County Director of Missouri Precinct Project:

My answer: We have 56 positions for committeemen and women in 28 Townships for St.Louis County. Did you know that 35 new individuals filed for these positions in addition to the incumbents. Coincidence? I don’t think this happened because people felt they have nothing else to do. I think people are doing this because they have been energized by the tea party movement and are realizing that if you want to change things you need to get in the game from the ground up. And this did not just happening in St.Louis. It is happening across the state. This is very encouraging and I believe pretty soon we will see changes in the Missouri Republican Party. At the last Central Committee meeting in Clayton, four new committee people were appointed.

Ever heard of Raging Elephants? Stampede

Missouri Precinct Project (MOPP)

“Let’s MOPP ’em up in ’12”



Thanks, Frieda!


2 thoughts on “Tea Party Activist Calls for Stampede”

  1. You are right on this is the first time me and my wife have ever been involved. Our monthly township meetings use to draw 5 or 6 people now we have sometimes more than 30. We have four people running for comitteeman and comitteewoman. The party thought it was going to be business as usual where they were in control SURPRISE we are not dead.
    Larry Slater
    Queeny Township

  2. If GOP committee filings in the City are any clue, many of the newbees are Ron Paul supporters. One of the insurgents in the City is Kelly Owens, who was brutalized along with Kenneth Gladney at the infamous Carnahan town meeting in 2009.

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