Part 3: Todd Akin Needs to Lead or Get Out of the Way

, member of the United States House of Represe...
Todd Akin: member of the United States House of Representatives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Before we get too far down the Akin rally road, let’s get some solid advice to Mr. Akin.

His principles, his spine, his grassroots do no good if Missouri turns blue.  He cannot advance his causes from his house in Wildwood.  Failure to take the Senate makes Obamacare permanent, at least in our lives.

Todd Akin, wonderful man he is, has a lot of responsibility.  As a candidate, he needs to grow and fast. Particularly following news that he trails Claire McCaskill by 10 percentage points according to Rasmussen.

He hasn’t helped himself in the aftermath. He has no message except “I’m sorry.”  He is letting the RNC drive the narrative.  He’s blaming the “liberal media,” but that institution seems happy to let the GOP tear him apart.

If he’s content to spend his last half million and then next 10 days apologizing, then he might as well quit now.

Here’s what he has to do:

1.  Get out of his bubble and deal with the reality he faces.  He’s shut himself off from the messages he doesn’t want to hear.  That’s human nature.  But to win, he has fight his own inclinations to cocoon.  He has to hear from people who love him but think he should drop. He needs to hear from people who hate him but think he should fight on.  He needs to hear from writers, marketers, and artists who know how to hit the brain beneath the prefrontal cortex.  He needs GOOD COUNSEL, not just “amen.”

2.  If he will leave the cocoon he’s in, he needs to hear this: as long as the message is about rape and abortion, he’s toast.  If he stays on THIS message and stays in the race, he will lose, most of the Missouri GOP statewide candidates will lose, and MIssouri may go blue. Drop the apology.

3.  He needs to bring on people he’s NOT comfortable with.  People who will challenge.  Brilliant strategists and wordsmiths who can craft an argument.

4.  He needs to know his 3 points for every press interaction and stick to them.

5.  He needs to STOP EVANGELIZING and start CONNECTING with the people who don’t already agree with him on everything.  They have to agree with him on ONE thing.  That’s it.

6.  He needs to memorize this: “I am pro-life without exception.”  That’s the end of the pro-life message.  Every additional word he utters loses 10,000 votes.

7.  He needs to memorize this response to every question about abortion:  “Every child conceived should be born into an America that has room for him or her to grow into a loving family, a good home, effective schools, and a lucrative career of their choice.” That’s it.  Nothing more. It sets up the case of the economy

8.  Every answer to every question must get back to the economy and the economic wreck advanced by Barack Obama with the enthusiastic support of Claire McCaskill.

9.  He must PROSECUTE this campaign the way a great general prosecutes a battle. Survival’s not enough.

10.  He must ignore winnability. That’s our job. His job is to make people like him, trust him, vote for him, or stay home.

Every big name in the GOP has called for him drop out. Until he leads, the calls will continue.  I know he’s shown great spine, but spine is not leadership. If he leads, they will follow.

He can put people on their heels without being a jerk.  He has it in him.  Apologizing isn’t leadership.  Leaders lead. His rival is Claire McCaskill. She is remarkably unpopular.  His nemesis is Barack Obama.  He is loathed in Missouri.

Get the message back on track.  Be a leader.  Win.

There’s one question I ask every politician who asks for my support:  why do you want this job?  The answers reveal tons about the person.  Right now, his answer seems to be “because I made a mistake, and I’m sorry.”  That’s weak.  It’s a loser’s answer.

I can’t feed him HIS answer.  But I can tell him the one’s he’s got ain’t working. Even among some of his staunchest supporters.


9 thoughts on “Part 3: Todd Akin Needs to Lead or Get Out of the Way”

  1. Bill,
    Regarding points 6 and 7, I agree that Akin must keep his comments on abortion brief and easy to understand. His mistake was that he got sucked into a discussion of abortion after rape-induced pregnancy. A good politician knows how to sidestep this type of minefield without compromising his principles. I didn’t vote for Akin in the primary because I wasn’t sure he was ready for the smash-mouth politics he would encounter going up against McCaskill, and he confirmed my doubt by his bungled answer to Jerko’s question. I think that’s why so many GOP luminaries, including Romney and Ryan, wanted him to withdraw — he failed a relatively mild political test.

    Well, he decided to stay in the race, and now we all need to figure out how to help him. As you pointed out, we don’t want him to say any more about abortion other than that he’s against it. However, Tea Party leaders like you and Dana could do a public service by explaining what Akin was trying to say. Here’s what I think he was getting at:

    AFAIK, few forcible rapes result in pregnancy for reasons that are pretty obvious when someone points them out. Forcible rape is a violent act that is usually reported to the authorities soon after it occurs. The rapist typically flees the scene and is often not known by the victim. Because the rapist might have HIV or some other STD, doctors will usually take the prudent step of performing a D&C. In addition, the victim often suffers physical trauma (e.g. vaginal tearing) that must be repaired. And of course, the police will want medical personnel to obtain DNA samples to help identify the rapist. Note that these procedures must be done during the hours after the rape before it is possible to determine if the victim was impregnated.

    Although I’m not medically trained, I know enough about pregancy to know that an egg fertilized a few hours ago is unlikely to survive these procedures. As a pro-lifer, I believe that this is an abortion, but it is morally acceptable as the lesser of two evils. That is, if the only way to ensure the victim’s health is to perform D&C, then the primary goal is not to destroy a human life but to preserve the mother’s life. I believe this is completely consistent with every pro-life authority.

    Now, statutory rape is another can of worms. I may be stereotyping, but it seems that a typical statutory rape scenario occurs when John (age 19) has ongoing sexual relations with his girlfriend Mary (age 17). One day Mary finds she is a couple of months pregnant and also learns that John has no interest (or ability) to be a responsible father. She tells her parents, and they hold John’s feet to the fire by filing a statutory rape claim.

    When you consider forcible versus statutory rape, it’s easy to see why pro-abortion Democrats don’t want to discuss the distinction. Indeed, the WSJ recently noted that House Republicans (including Ryan) were forced to remove the word “forcible” from a pro-life rider. I think Akin, in a bumbling way, was trying to make that distinction to explain why abortion is rarely an issue in forcible rape buy often an issue in statutory rape.

    I realize that my thoughts might be way off base on this, so I think you could do a real service by finding some authorities for the medical, law enforcement, and counseling professions to explore this issue in a public forum such as Dana’s radio program. If I’m correct, they might show that Akin had the right idea about forcible rape vis-a-vis pregnancy but the wrong reason and awful political naivete.


  2. Thank you Bill for explaining Todd’s situation better than anyone else. IF Todd follows your advice, he stands a chance of winning. If he ignores your advice, he will lose in a landslide to Claire. #5 above is the most important one for Todd to follow. Let’s pray that he does.

  3. Bill –

    Excellent advise as only you can give! See my comment that I just made today on your postings on August 20th, it reflects my feelings about what you bring to our battle to save our nation.

  4. Bill,

    You listed many points for Congressman Akin to follow. You seem to have put many hours into your thoughts. But, really, they only thing Todd Akin needs to do is QUIT.

    What a horrific statement, and how clueless is this man now? Or is it that he wants to be a senator SO BADLY that he’d risk the good of the country for his ego? Pathetic. It just goes to show how he’d be as a senator.

    It is very clear to me that as a man, you absolutely have no clue how angry the other 51% of the population is about Akin’s comments, and NOTHING he does will fix it. EVER. Every single woman I know (95% of whom are republicans) refuses to vote for him. They won’t vote for Claire, but they sure as H aren’t voting for him, either. They are very motivate to vote, but NOT for this man.

    I have been a lifelong republican, and avid Tea Party person, but I WILL NOT vote for this man, either.

    My husband is furious with me, and tells me I am a complete idiot, that me, and women like me, will ruin the country when we lose Missouri. Why? I am very sure I didn’t pipe up with that absolutely baseless, thoughtless, unforgivable remark, and I am not a egotistical, clueless misogynist.

    He can’t win, and we HAVE to win Missouri. It’s that simple. Quit, Todd, QUIT NOW.

  5. 1. He needs to quit.
    2. He needs to quit.
    He won’t win and may just drag the national election down with him. He’s a cretin and he needs to go.

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