Happy Birthday, Jack Hennessy


I don’t get into town to visit my dad often enough. That’s my loss.

JackHennessySTLPDJack Hennessy, my dad, epitomizes what we call The Greatest Generation.

He helped raise his younger brothers and sister after their mother passed away. Jack was ten. His youngest sibling, my uncle Jim, was a newborn.

Jack Hennessy answered the call of World War II. He was a Machinist’s Mate in the Navy. He answered, again, when North Korea crossed the 34th Parallel.

After service in two wars, Jack continued his life of service and protection on the Metropolitan St. Louis Police Department.  Later, he retired from Sunnen Products Company in Maplewood.

My dad is one of the wittiest men I’ve ever known. Of course, I didn’t always appreciate that wit. Like many  young men, I often wondered what all the other people found so funny. When my college buddies started asking if my dad could come out to the bars with us, I began to worry about my friends’ mental health.

On leave from my own stint in the Navy, though, I began to see what I’d been missing. God gave me the great privilege of living the first 21 years of my life in the home of a great man, one who devoted his life to his kids and their happiness. He’d served community and country proudly, selflessly, and honorably. He’s a devoted grandfather and husband surrounded by loving grandchildren and great-grandchildren, still in St. Louis City where he’s lived his whole life.

Today, Jack Hennessy does what he can to service the country and community he loves. He has his yard signs and bumper stickers, and he’s itching to vote “that bum” out of office.

I wish him a very happy birthday, and hope you will to. He doesn’t ask for much, but I know something he would love: a big win for Romney, Akin, and, especially, his friend Ed Martin Jr. And your No vote on Proposition A wouldn’t hurt, either.

Happy Birthday, Dad.



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jack Hennessy”

  1. Happy birthday, Jack Hennessy. Thanks so much for your military service and your contributions to our great country.

    But most of all, thank you for your son, Bill. He has been my “President”. My grandson and I were at the very first Tea Party Rally at the St Louis Arch, then Keiner Plaza, the first and second anniversay at the Arch. We were at the SEIU press rally, and stood up against the cowardly purple shirt union thugs that beat up Kenneth Gladfly Gladney.

    I watch as our “little” group of hundreds grow into thousands then millions as I attended the 912 march in DC.

    Thank you again, you have taught your children well and have left a legacy of a courageous man following in his father’s footsteps.

      1. Well, I do not think I am “too kind”, We live in different times with a socialist for a CinC and his ministry of propaganda agencies. It’s a different kind of war fought at the polls.

        Let us all be good warriors and “never surrender, never give up”.

        Thanks for your service.


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